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Unfortunately the digital Photography revolution has claimed another victim.
as of 12/15/2011 Ilford has discontinued their Ilfochrome paper products
I have stocked up as much as I could, enough for another year or so.
But once it is gone that will be it. NO MORE ILFOCHROME PRINTS
In the mean time I will be figuring out how I am going to transition to digital prints

All of my photographs are shot on Fujichrome slide film. I have my own darkroom where I can print photos up to 20x40inch on Ilfochrome Classic photo paper. To make a photo, I use a Durst 4x5 enlarger to shine the image onto the light sensitive paper. I then run it through my Fijimoto cp51 procesor, this is a 20inch wide, 3 chemical tank machine, the paper travels trough each tank for 2 minutes, first a Developer followed by a bleach then a Fixer. it finally passes through a wash & dry module. It takes aprox 15 minutes to come out of the processor before I see the finished photo.
Ilfochrome is the current brand name for what was originally called the Cibachrome print process. The name given to the silver halide based photo paper and its dedicated chemistry, which was developed to print color photographs directly from slides. It produces museum quality, vibrant photographs that have been the mainstay of high quality fine art photography for 40+ years.