Kiwi Camera
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I described myself as primarily a Landscape photographer, but I always have a camera handy and will shot anything I think looks cool. For many years I capture my images with a film camera, my film of choice was Fujichrome Velvia slide film. My primary film camera was a Nikon F 5, I also have a. Noblex panoramic camera which uses 120 film to capture 156 degree view on a 5x12 cm transparency . although I still occasionally shoot film, most of the time I use the latest Nikon 35mm Digital camera, currently a d850.

When I decided to try an Arts & Craft show, I purchased a color darkroom setup from a friends Dad. I modified my bathroom into my first darkroom, initially I could print 8x10 & 11x14 photographs on Ilfochrome photographic paper When I purchased my own house, I built my last darkroom. I custom built a large "bathroom", that housed 2 enlargers and my 20inch roller transport Cibachrome paper processor . so I could print on paper sizes up to 20x40. Being able to do my own printing allowed me to develop a signature image style . I take a sequence of shots that when printed & mounted side by side create a single panoramic image. these Ilfochrome photographs where printed directly from the original slides. Not only did this process produce museum quality archival photographs, they where also extremely rich in color and detail.

Unfortunately by 2011, the transition to digital photography had forced Ilford, the only company that made all the Ilfochrome paper and chemistry, out of business. I brought the last of their paper and chemistry they had made, but by 2013 I had purchased my canon Printer and switched to Digital printing. the Canon IPF8400 allows me to print on 44inch wide rolls of canvas or Kodak metallic photo paper. although I still have a limited supply of Cibachrome prints from back then, that are now on display in my gallery. I now use a lab to print the traditional limited edition prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

I can do all my own custom matting and framing at my Tahoma Studio and now that I am only doing a couple of Arts shows I have a retail gallery located at 351 north lake blvd in Downtown Tahoe City